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New lighting circuits for new kitchens and conservatories.

Converting halogen to LED's

Kitchen lighting

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Inspection & Testing

Looking to purchase a new property?

Have your property's electrical installation thoroughly tested and certified by a qualified electrical inspection professional.

Consumer Unit Upgrade

Upgrade your consumer unit to the latest 18th edition equipment.

All circuitry is fully tested before and after fitting and you will be issued with an EIC, (Electrical Installation Certificate).

Full or Part Rewires Manchester & Salford

A typical cause for a rewire will be due to the age and condition of the cables that are in place. Cables are constructed of three conductors, a live conductor which is usually red or brown, a negative conductor which is either black or blue and an earth conductor which is either green or yellow and green. As there is current passing through these conductors, over time the plastic insulation gradually perishes and thus they will pass some current through the earth conductor. If we detect an unusual amount of current passing through the earth then the circuit needs to be renewed with new cables. If one circuit requires upgrading then usually the whole property will require a rewire.

As most older properties are equipped with a traditional fuse board whereby the only protection from electric shock are obsolete wired fuses, a full or part rewire will require that the fuse board is replaced with an up to date consumer unit. Due to the latest 18th edition wiring regulations BS7671, the consumer unit must be metal clad and contain suitable protection from electric shock. The protection from electric shock comes in the form of wither RCD’s (Residual Current Device) or RCBO’s (Residual Current Breaker with Overload). These devices are extremely sensitive and will trip with only 30Ma of current passing through the earth conductor. This being the case, all wiring must be in very good condition.

Part rewires can be a temporary fix if there is evidence of damaged cables or if you are having a new kitchen, extension or conservatory. All additional circuits must have suitable protection from electric shock and so a consumer unit upgrade can be necessary.

Additional Power Sockets

With ever increasing forms of technology in the home, comes with it a requirement for power. Mobile phone charging, game consoles, sky television, broadband routers and the addition of table lamps and standard lamps to name but a few, all require power. Many homes were not designed with this in mind and so quite often new sockets are required.

An additional socket can usually be added to an existing circuit, this is done by adding a (Spur) from an existing socket. This can be done if the demand parameters of the existing circuit are suitable, ie, cable and adequate MCB (Mini Circuit Breaker).

Replacement sockets are often required when you redecorate and want a new look, chrome or brushed steel finish for instance.

Outdoor Electrical Services

An outdoor socket on an external wall is a simple and cheap solution for making use of gardening equipment such as power washers and lawn mowers etc. As long as the socket reaches regulations, IP66 is for this purpose and ideally should have an RCD built in.

Outdoor lighting such as security lights can be fed from your existing lighting circuit, however, garden lights should have their own circuit protected by RCD and be wired in SWA ( Steel Wired Armoured) cable, the size of cable will be defined by the length required and calculated by factoring in voltage drop.

Power to outbuildings can be expensive. This requires an entire new circuit from the consumer unit. Depending on the existing demand within in the home will define whether it is allowable. Calculations such as diversity and voltage drop need to be considered and the required demand within the outbuilding.

Outbuilding require a supply using SWA (Steel Wired Armoured) cable to be buried 450mm below the surface and to be protected by RCD.

Domestic Lighting

We can provide you with a lighting survey. Most properties are still using traditional lamps and have not yet upgraded to LED’s, you would be amazed on the amount of money wasted by the use of halogen lamps as appose to LED’s.

Our experts can provide you with a full lighting survey and discuss how to improve your home with the implementation of a different lighting regime that can not only improve the look and feel of your home but also save you money. Whether it’s the addition of wall lights, spot lights, dimmer switches, and PIR detectors to be more efficient our experts can provide an effective solution for you.

Bathroom Electrical Services

Our team can provide all your bathroom requirements from power to lighting all to strict Part P building regulations. Your bathroom must be fitted with a suitable extractor fan either inline through ducting usually in the loft space, or directly through an exterior wall.

Bathroom lighting whether it be spot lights or light fittings all need to be IP rated 65 and not be within 600mm of an enclosure such as a shower. We also supply and fit or simply replace shaver sockets.

Kitchen Electrical Services

Our experts can provide you with a full survey of your kitchen lighting and power requirements. Whether you are upgrading or having a complete new kitchen, our technicians have a wealth of experience in kitchen design and will provide a solution to all your kitchen requirements. Quite often it’s simply additional sockets for extra technology and appliances or an entirely new kitchen layout.

We fit new extra fans, ovens and cookers. Often, depending on the desired cooker and its demand rating, an additional circuit maybe required.

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