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EV Home Charger Installation Manchester

Able Electricians have 17 years of experience providing electrical installation, testing and inspections to the Manchester area. We cover Manchester, Salford, Trafford and Tameside. We are accredited members of OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles). This membership not only gives you the peace of mind you are dealing with properly trained and qualified electricians, but we can also provide you access to a government grant which can provide £350 towards the cost of your installation.

We have extensive experience with EV home charger installation and can advise you on the best type of charger will suit your needs and your pocket. We work with all the major brands of EV Chargers.

EV Charger Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install an EV outlet?

Typically, an EV home charger install will cost on average £375, this would be for materials such as cable, fixings, parts for your consumer unit and labour but not the charging unit itself. There are many EV chargers on the market offering various different features from power consumption, wireless grid compatibility, charging time etc.

There are factors that can affect the price of the installation such as proximity to the consumer unit, earthing arrangement and size of cable required. It may be the case that your consumer unit hasn’t got the capacity to supply a charging point in which case a consumer unit upgrade would be required. In some cases, there isn’t enough free amps, most dwellings are supplied with a single phase 100-amp fuse and so we calculate your maximum demand which dictates whether there is room for another 32 amps available which is the typical load from a 7kw EV charging unit. If there isn’t enough load available then a supply upgrade to a three-phase supply would need to be considered. The cost of a three-phase supply upgrade would need to be through an enquiry with your electricity supplier but typically would cost between £3000 and £8000.

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Can I Install My Own EV Charging Point ?

Installing an EV charging point at your home can be done by a DIY’er however there are things to be considered. Firstly, are you allowed to have an EV charging point? For a privately owned home this wouldn’t be an issue as long as the unit isn’t situated more than 1.6 meters above the ground, near a motorway or on a listed building. For a rented property you will need permission from the landlord

Once you have permission and established whether or not you require planning approval you then need to consider that the installation of an EV charging point is what’s known as notifiable work. This means that the installation will need to be inspected, tested and certified before notifying local building control who will then need to come out and check the work has been done to current wiring regulations. A site visit from a building inspector is likely to cost £200-£300. If you have done something wrong you will have the added costs of hiring a professional to put things right. In short, as there is so many skills involved it is sensible to hire an accredited approved electrician who will be able to certify the work and notify building control with no further expense.

Can I Get A Grant For An Electric Car Charger?

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) has been introduced to help home owners making the ownership or use of an electric car more accessible so the government can achieve climate change goals. The scheme helps eligible electric vehicle owners offset some of the costs involved with EV charging point installation. Applicants can receive a grant of up to £350 against installation costs. To be eligible for the grant you will need ample off street parking, own an approved electric vehicle or have the use of an electric vehicle for at least six months.

As we are OZEV approved we can deal with all the paperwork involved for the application process, once approved the grant will be deducted from your installation costs.

EV Chargers

EV Charging Points

Able Electricians are EV charging point installers, experts in our field and specialise in installing the best quality approved charging units. There are currently over 30 different home charging units on the market. We provide expert advice to help you choose which EV charger is suited to your needs and pocket.

EV charging is split into three main categories. Slow charging, fast charging and rapid charging.

Slow charging uses up to 3.6kw and takes between 6 to 12 hours for a full charge depending on your on-board charger. Typically, a slow charge is done via a standard power socket and three pin plugs however Type 1+2 plugs can also be used.

Fast charging uses between 7kw and 22kw depending on your electrical supply, charging unit and on-board charger. A full charge will take between 3 to 4 hours. Rapid charging uses 5 or 7 pin plugs and connects an EV charging point to your electric vehicle.

Rapid charging is usually available at filling stations, workplaces and commercial areas. Rapid charging uses DC current at 43kw to 50kw and a full charge will take around half an hour. DC chargers are expensive and usually out of reach for most home owners.

Most homeowners have fast charging EV charging units installed at their homes due to expense and electricity supply. There are around thirty different units on the market at the moment all offering different features. Many are wirelessly controlled smart chargers and some are smart grid enabled which means you can make use of cheap electricity when it’s available during economy 7 hours, this greatly reduces the cost of running your electric vehicle.

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